Posted by: underseaencounters | June 22, 2009

announcing FROGS ARE GREEN

I’m enjoying writing this blog so much that I created another blog called FROGS ARE GREEN with graphic designer Susan Newman.

We hope the blog will increase awareness about the worldwide amphibian crisis. One-third of amphibian species are threatened with extinction, yet most people don’t know that our froggy friends may soon vanish from the Earth.

Please hop over and take a look!

Red-eyed tree frog. Image from Wickipedia

Red-eyed tree frog. Image from Wikipedia



  1. I have taken a look at the frog site, and I love what I see!

    I also love frogs. They’re adorable. I have a little frog on my desk. Not a real frog. But a frog, nonetheless.

    • Thanks, Deb…. glad you checked out our new blog!

  2. Just checked out your new frog website and love it. Wow – talk about thorough!!! My favorite frog, although I’ve never seen it, is the Spring Peeper. When I lived in rural upstate NY, the first real sign of spring for me was to hear the chorus of peepers in the evening. Sometimes they were so loud they’d even keep me awake at night. I love my new urban setting, but I do miss the peepers.

    • thanks, Kathi, for your comment. I love the spring peepers too!

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