Posted by: underseaencounters | November 18, 2008

Books for Ocean Lovers

I’ve selected below some of my favorite books for holiday book buying. They can be ordered on the Undercurrents Magazine site and a portion of profits will be donated to the Coral Reef Alliance. Note: the orders will be through Amazon and will have Amazon prices:


Carl Safina is a scientist, but also a lyrical nature writer. Voyage of the Turtle will make you want to pack your bags for Trinidad to help leatherback sea turtles.


The Highest Tide, James Lynch (novel)

“The fertile strangeness of marine tidal life becomes a subtly executed metaphor for the bewilderments of adolescence in this tender and authentic coming-of-age novel.” Publishers Weekly


Rod Fugita. Heal the Ocean: Solutions for Saving Our Seas.

Start the New Year revved up about helping the ocean and ocean animals.


Rachel Carson. The Sea Around Us.

A classic, written over 45 years ago… This is a new edition with photographs. See review below.

“A majestic edition…. The pages are broad and smooth and heavy; turning them, you feel you are in the presence of greatness…. The prose is true and fluid and above all evocative, and delivers all the passion and wonder it did a half-century ago….. Carson’s legacy is proof that science books matter, that good prose can change the world.”–Anthony Doerr, The Boston Sunday Globe



Seahorses and Sea Dragons by Mary Jo Rhodes and David Hall.

I’m a bit prejudiced because I co-wrote this book with David Hall, along with the other titles in the Undersea Encounters series, published by Scholastic, but I think we pack a lot of information into a few pages in these books. After reading them, kids will understand basic concepts in marine biology and get to know a few types of animals in depth (sea turtles, octopuses, etc). The design is lively and the photographs are spectacular (David Hall is a world-renowned underwater photographer).


The Truth about Great White Sharks by Mary Cerullo, Michael Wurtz, and Jeffrey Rotman

My son, a shark-o-phile, loved this book because it dispels a lot of myths about great whites.

Happy Holidays!


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