Posted by: underseaencounters | November 17, 2008

Creation Care

November is Stewardship month in my local Lutheran church, a time when I always feel vaguely guilty because I haven’t given enough this past year, and still haven’t sent in my pledge card for next year. The church looks beautiful, newly painted, its silver and wood polished. It is staffed by a pastor, assistant pastor, music director, and so on. I realize all this doesn’t happen by itself. People lovingly take care of the church, nurture it, keep it going, pay the staff. As a “steward” of the church, I know I need to do my part to help take care of it.

The concept of stewardship of the environment has been embraced by some Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and other faith-based groups. Some Christians call it “creation care.” I am happy to see that this melding of faith with environmental concerns is now a growing movement. I don’t think Christianity and other faiths should be detached from the natural world and from environmental concerns. Is it such a stretch that we might pray for animals as well as humans, and for the healing of our planet?

I read recently that almost 500 mosques around the Malaysian state of Terengganu presented sermons on turtle conservation, an approach that has been found to be successful to help people understand the need to protect the endangered sea turtles.

Here are few faith-based environmental organizations I found while doing a bit of websurfing. I imagine there are lots of others.

The Friendship Collaborative (led by Carl Safina of the Blue Ocean Institute)

Ausable Institute of Environmental Studies

Evangelical Environmental Network

Creation Care for Pastors

Coalition of the Environment and Jewish Life

Green Faith

Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environment


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